Direct Shipping Kit for Reproductive Donor Eligibility Testing

ViroMed’s direct shipping kit can assist in ensuring timely receipt of specimens for time-sensitive donor eligibility infectious disease testing, such as donor eligibility screening that must be performed according to FDA guidance. For clarification about when to use the direct shipping system, please contact ViroMed Account Management at 800-582-0077.

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Ordering Instructions

Please order the ViroMed direct shipping kit though your local LabCorp branch or regional lab or by contacting your sales representative. You may also fax an IVF donor supply request form to ViroMed at 336-436-1812. Direct shipping supplies should arrive at your location 7 to 10 days after receipt of your order.

View the IVF donor kit request form.

Patient Service Centers Notification

Patient service centers (PSCs) in your area that are designated for FDA donor collections will be identified by your LabCorp account representative during the initial account setup process. These PSCs receive specialized training and do not require additional notification prior to FDA donor collections. When using a nondesignated LabCorp PSC, please follow the LabCorp patient service center notification and instruction form to ensure donor collection process meets the stringent requirements of the FDA.

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Direct Shipping Kit for Reproductive International Donors

ViroMed Laboratories provides personalized service and support for international donor shipping to most parts of the world. Please contact ViroMed Account Management for assistance with international shipments.

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